Coral Propagation kit


EcoTech Marine has launched its EcoTech Elements Coral Propagation Kit, a comprehensive kit of precision-crafted German stainless steel tools, frag plugs and Coral Glue that enables reef enthusiasts t


Product Description

Contents of the EcoTech Elements Coral Propagation Kit include: Exclusively designed kiln-fired ceramic coral frag plugs (18pcs) 3 colors Coral glue, 75ml (1pc) Tweezers, 160mm (1pc) Scissors, 150mm (1pc) Bone cutting forceps, 190mm (1pc) Soft coral clamps 255mm (1pc) The tools fit neatly inside a heavy-duty bamboo case that doubles as a cutting board and is secured with magnetic clasps. “Our Coral Propagation Kit was designed with usability and quality as our top priorities,” said Patrick Clasen, co-founder and director of finance. “We are excited to help aquarists expanding our hobby by cutting, propagating and trading corals using our kit.”